Insurance Professionals

Suitable for professionals interested in alternative risk transfer as well as those involved in finance more broadly.


A good match for public officials whose projects utilise capital markets to achieve development or disaster management goals.

International Organisations

Applicable to professionals who have limited experience in the private sector and want to better understand how the financial markets operate.

Make Sense of the Complex System That Connects Investors with Financial Instruments

Boost your career

Had some experience with finance but always struggled to figure out how all the pieces of the system fit together? This course will provide the framework to put them in place. We will cover investors, intermediaries, investment instruments, and more.

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Capital markets - too big to ignore.

Capital markets comprise a very significant part of the world economy. Understanding of how this industry works is in high demand, and professionals in this field are less likely to be displaced by automation and the impact of Covid-19. 

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Total global financial assets.
Source: McKinsey & Company, October 2021. 

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Potential net job growth in financial and insurance activities in EU-27, United Kingdom, and Switzerland in midpoint automation scenario (2018-2030). Source: The future of work in Europe, McKinsey Global Institute, 2020

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only of accounts-owning adults
are financial literate globally,
as are 57% of account owners in major advanced economies and 30$ in major emerging economies. Source: The Standard & Poor’s Ratings Services Global Financial Literacy Survey.

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of CFA Institute members surveyed said it is important for them to actively develop new professional skills. Source: CFA Institute.

Professional development

The course

Our course is 100% online. When you sign up, you will have access to the Moodle LMS portal,

allowing you to learn at your own pace, wherever you are in the world.


3 weeks


Our UK CPD certified Capital Markets and Investment Management Course will equip you with the knowledge and deeper understanding of the principles underpinning the capital markets.


Not only it demystifies the world of capital markets and investment management, but also showcases its potential as a tool for change, growth, and collaboration across sectors.


You will learn how the components of the system work together to connect the end investors with the source of investment returns.


For professionals across sectors, the course offers a roadmap to navigate the often complex landscape of investment management. Whether it’s understanding the role of a wealth manager, the intricacies of mutual funds, or the operational dynamics of broker-dealers, participants are equipped with practical case studies to understand the investment journey.


The course provides a deep dive into the workings of capital markets, pivotal for insurance professionals keen on alternative risk transfer. It includes instruments such as catastrophe bonds, which offer a way to leverage the capital markets for insurable risks. The case study on tracking investments from lottery winners to catastrophe bonds, for instance, demystifies the investment process and the role of intermediaries, offering a clear view of how capital flows within the sector.


For public officials working on projects that harness capital markets to achieve development goals, this course presents a helpful guide. The sessions have intricately connected the foundational aspects of capital markets to practical applications, enabling participants to recognise how investments can be mobilised for public good. With the rise in infrastructure financing and green bonds, understanding the depth and breadth of these markets can support projects aimed at societal development or disaster management.


International development organisation professionals, particularly those with limited exposure to the private sector, can greatly benefit from the course’s clear breakdown of financial market operations. From understanding basic investment principles and the structure of various market instruments to the nuances of investment behaviours and strategies, attendees are well-equipped to interact with private sector counterparts and make informed decisions in collaborative projects.

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  • Next group starts: 14th October 2024
  • Duration: 3 weeks, 100% online
  • Commitment: 6-8 hours per week
  • Fee: GBP 550 with considerable discounts for developing countries

By the end of this course, you will be able to:

  • Acquire practical skills to navigate the complex landscape of investment management, from the role of wealth managers to the dynamics of broker-dealers.
  • Actively participate in and lead discussions related to capital markets, showcasing a thorough understanding of its operations and implications for various stakeholders.
  • Use knowledge gained from case studies to relate theoretical concepts to real-world applications, enhancing practical understanding.
  • Grasp the foundational principles of capital markets and their significance in the global economic landscape.
  • Identify and differentiate between various financial instruments, including stocks, bonds, and alternative investment tools.
  • Track the movement of investments, from initial source to final destination, through the intricate web of intermediaries.
  • For insurance professionals, recognize the benefits and processes of leveraging capital markets for insurable risks, particularly through tools like catastrophe bonds. 
  • Foster effective communication and collaboration between public sector and private sector entities, understanding the motivations and operations of each.
  • Utilise tools and insights provided to evaluate potential risks in investment decisions, recognising the basic framework for risk management.
  • Promote and engage in collaborative efforts between diverse sectors, understanding the interconnected nature of public initiatives, private investments, and international development goals.

Lecture 1: Introduction to Capital Markets and Investment Management

  • About This Course
  • Target audience
  • Topics covered
  • Conveners and lecturers
  • The Big Picture
  • The three sources of money
  • High-level overview of aggregators, investment instruments, intermediaries, and investment managers

Lecture 2: Investors & Aggregators

  • Introduction to types of investors and aggregators.
  • Characteristics of different investor types: individuals, businesses, state organisations.
  • Introduction to aggregators.
  • Types of institutional investors: banks, insurers, pension funds.

Lecture 3: Investment Instruments

  • Introduction to the range of investment instruments.
  • Categories of investment instruments: simple vs. complex.
  • Deep dive into simple instruments: equities & bonds.
  • Introduction to complex instruments: derivatives & securitised products.

Lecture 4: Intermediaries and Investment Managers

  • Understanding the significance and roles of intermediaries.
  • Introduction to various types of intermediaries.
  • Differentiation among investment managers.
  • Delve into various investment strategies in equities and fixed income.

Lecture 5: The Nitty-Gritty of Finance

  • Discussion on risk management: basics and application.
  • Understanding industry risks.
  • Introduction to the concept and role of regulators in finance.
  • Exploring issues and challenges associated with regulatory mechanisms.

Lecture 6: Extended Case Study

  • Tracking an investment journey of €100,000 from lottery win to catastrophe bond.
  • Understanding the roles and processes of wealth managers, fund administrators, investment managers, and broker-dealers.

Kirill Savrassov, MSc., LLB (Hons.), Cert ILS & Oleg Kapinos, CAIA – founders & co-lecturers

This course is entirely online.

Modules are released weekly and can be undertaken in your own time, wherever you are in the world. This interactive course has been designed for busy professionals and students alike.

When enrolled, you will have access to the Moodle learning portal, and you’ll be able to work at your own pace, whenever and wherever you like

The content of this course has been certified by the CPD Certification Service as conforming to continuing professional development principles and may be applicable to individuals who are members of, or are associated with, UK-based professional bodies. The course has an estimated 24 hours of learning. To learn more on UK CPD click HERE.

Please Note: Should you wish to claim CPD activity, the onus is upon you. Phoenix CRetro Limited accept no responsibility, and cannot be held responsible, for the claiming or validation of UK CPD hours or points.

Upon successful completion of the program, you’ll receive a formal Certificate of professional qualification upgrade as proof of your knowledge of the subject and a «Cert ILS» (Certified ILS Specialist) designation to underline your ILS knowledge commitments.

To learn more VISIT our CPD Page.

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Capital markets and investment managemet course

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